Guide for Your Kawasaki z125 pro

Though your new z125 motorcycle might not live up to the power and performance expectations of an experienced rider, it is the perfect bike for the beginner in your life. To make sure it runs like it should, find the Kawasaki OEM parts and aftermarket upgrades that will keep your bike riding like the day you bought it. Here are some of the common systems that need replacement as your motorcycle ages:

  • Tires

Even after minimal use, tires can wear out simply from age. If your bike hasn’t left the garage in over a year, consider mounting new tires. Because of its size, the x125 uses radial tires designed for mini-bikes. The BR125JJS tire from Shinko is a good option for your bike for its durable tread pattern and versatile handling conditions.

  • Transmission and Clutch

Smooth shifting is important no matter how hard you ride. However, your machine puts a lot of stress on the clutch and transmission, resulting in stuck gears, timing issues and other performance issues. Whenever you replace transmission components, be sure to consult your manufacturer’s guide for the correct part number. The sprockets and shafts must align to ensure functionality.

  • Exhaust System

Riders take pride in their exhaust systems. Some prefer their engine to purr; others want it to roar. Fit your x125 with new pipes that achieve the sound and performance you love. The Yoshimura Low Volume Tec-Kit is a great accessory for riders who want to dampen their pipes. You can also install flare kits and other add-ons to give your bike a unique style.

  • Handlebars and Grips

Your handlebars should be comfortable and provide stability. Order your new bar and grips to ensure total control over your machine and ride with confidence. Find the OEM ATV parts and aftermarket accessories you need to keep your Kawasaki x125 at its peak performance for years to come.

Engine Maintenance Made Easy

With a little bit of gas and a smoothly-running engine, your bike can take you practically anywhere where there’s an open road. However, if your engine isn’t running quite as smoothly as it should be, you could find yourself unable to go anywhere at all, much less to exciting, adventurous destinations of any sort. Your engine is the powerhouse of your entire ride and without it, you may as well have a pile of scrap sitting in your garage. Fortunately, there are a few maintenance practices that you can complete on your own time that help increase your ride’s longevity.

1. Change Your Oil

Change Your Oil

You don’t exactly have to be a mechanic to learn how to change a motorcycle’s oil. In order to keep your engine running longer and stronger, this should be done every few thousand miles. You can find the exact mileage at which your oil should be changed in your owner’s manual. The process can be a little messy, but once you get the hang of it, it typically doesn’t take more than a half hour to complete the project.

2. Replace Simple Parts

You might not be up to the task of changing out an entire engine block yourself, but there are a few key components you can change out now and again to prevent that eventuality. Most of them are quick, simple tasks that more than pay for the time you spend performing them with enhanced engine performance.

  • Upgrade that old carb to a Mikuni carburetor
  • Switch out your air filter
  • Update your fuel filter when necessary

3. Top Off Your Fluids

A surefire way to ruin your engine is to let your coolant run out. Anytime you pause to change your oil, go ahead and top off your other fluids as well. It only adds a few minutes of work to your pit stop and makes a world of difference with your engine.

Contact your local team of professionals for access to the OEM motorcycle parts and accessories you’ll need for the tasks. Your engine takes care of you, so take the time to take care of your engine.

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