Apart from most of the short hikes and long tramping, the Everest Base Camp Trek is a different platform for your lifetime experience. Although you have acknowledged the world’s tallest peak, here are prominent points that you should always be careful about while tramping in EBC.

Be physically and Mentally fit:

It is apparent to be physically fit when you are climbing towards the world’s tallest peak. Being physically fit and regularly exercising before the trip is a prominent factor for becoming suitable for this tramp. Besides, it is equally affecting for you to become mentally healthy as well. Spread the confidence within your mind to fight through any incidence or experiencing the breathtaking scenic beauty from your bare eyes. Hence, as favorable is being physically fit, it is significantly dominant for you to remain mentally prepared for the journey.

Carry Nepali currency:

When you are apart from your land, you need to become financially stable in a foreign country. Likewise, it is prominent for you to carry a sufficient amount of Nepali currency during the tramping to EBC. It is because the lodges, teahouses, or hotels may not accept the digital way of payment. There could be personal expenses of snacks and necessary items on the way. Sometimes, it is inconvenient for you to find ATMs during the period of tramping. Also, there is no validation of the acceptance of foreign currency in the local market of Nepal. 

Choose proper trekking clothing:

Wearing a lot of bulky clothes adds wastage in the time while tracking. Hence, choosing the warmest yet lightest clothes can add extra comfort to your journey. Sometimes, when you are tramping alone or without a Potter, then it is you who has to carry all your bags. It is apparent that you do not want to get tired by just walking for a meter.

Carry necessary equipment:

When the topic arises for what to carry while tramping, here we have prepared the tally for your comfort. Carrying necessary equipment is as prime as wearing essential clothes depending upon the condition. Besides warm clothes, you must make sure to fetch the tramping gear, sleeping bags, portable charger, wallets, Nepali currency, tramping boots, socks, gloves, hat, insulation, etc. However, these are the cardinal things that you must make sure to pack while you are visiting EBC with a small smart backpack.

Have to walk slowly but steadily:

As you must proceed with the elevation of 5,555 in Kala Patthar, the body needs to adapt to the temperature. The travel agencies plan the perfectly fitting packages for your journey. By adopting the process of acclimatization, there are different destinations for you to take rest. In case if you are traveling isolated, you must take a break by walking 6 -7 hours approximately on a day. Make sure to take slow steps when you elevate at a higher distance so that you do not have to suffer from altitude sickness.

Best season to trek in EBC:

As tramping throughout the year in Nepal is not under prohibition, we recommend you tramp towards EBC during Autumn and Spring. During these periods, the temperature remains mild in the snowy field. Also, it adds no chance of rainfall apart from early September or late November. For those who have already been to EBC before, they might know best about the condition there. Although there is a high chance of risk for tramping during winter and summer, late it gives a clear view of skies and the outlook of Everest.

For the beginners and mild trekkers, we suggest you book your tramping to EBC in March-May and September – November.

Stay hydrated and healthy:

When you learn about the tramping days and the average hours of walking paths in a day, it is prominent for you to always stay hydrated during the journey. In that case, always make sure to carry a portable drinking water bottle and fill it with hot water from the nearest tea houses or lodges before starting to walk. Besides, begin physically fit, also make sure to have enough rest so that you do not have to suffer from any grade of illness on the next day of the journey.

Therefore, Nepal Hiking Team supports their clients with their best tips by keeping their safety always on the top. These are the seven best tips for the Everest Base camp trek.

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