A newspaper headline shrieked that millennial’s should stop spending their money on overseas city breaks and stay in the UK for holidays. “Weekend city breaks are over,” the story declared. “And if they aren’t, they should be.”

Nonsense. Surely there is no better time to travel than when you’re young, free of serious life commitments and better at burning the candle at both ends? It’s similar to avo-gate, when an Australian millionaire told us to stop buying avocado on toast and save for a house deposit instead.

Experiencing other countries and cultures broadens the mind, as the old adage goesFABRICE COFFRINI/GETTY IMAGES

The difference is, this time it was a fellow millennial preaching. Staycations should be the norm, and overseas trips should be reserved for special occasions or “enforced fun” such as stag or hen dos, she said. I entirely…

Source Link:- https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ben-clatworthy-whyyoung-people-shouldtravel-kx9kxglsg

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