There are numerous things you can do to improve a visit to a foreign city. According to a company that makes some of the best electric bikes, Life EV, you can save a lot of time by simply getting a bike or a scooter. 

However, you also don’t want to rush things. Experiencing the local culture, whether we’re talking about the food or cultural events, always has its merits. Of course, your ability to do and see things will vary based on the length of your vacation.

In this article, we will share 12 tips for exploring a foreign city.

1. Visit the local markets

You can learn a lot about the country and its food by simply visiting the local market. Feel free to try their wine, beer, and other delicacies. Also, you might find some packaged products that you can take back home. 

2. Don’t be afraid to walk around

The best to feel the city vibe is to walk through its streets and mingle with the locals. You never know what you might see behind the next corner! Also, this allows you to absorb the local language customs and to meet someone interesting. 

3. Rent a bike

Although it’s always better to walk, larger cities can be a real nightmare without cars, bikes, or public transportation. We suggest that you go with electric bikes and scooters, as they allow you to see as much as possible. Of course, you can always park it on the curb if you wish to stop for a drink or dessert. 

4. Try sleeping on the plane

Many people struggle to sleep on an airplane. But this is the best way to save time before arriving in a city. This is especially important for city breaks as you will have very limited time for checking out the place. 

5. Don’t be afraid to get lost

Whether you’re walking or driving a bike, there is a good chance you will get lost at one point. But don’t worry! This is a great chance to see something new and improve your overall experience. Getting lost is especially awesome if you’re on a long vacation and you’ve seen the majority of the city. 

6. Buy souvenirs and take photos

I know a lot of people who hate buying souvenirs. Some tourists even hate taking photos. This is a completely wrong mindset. You never know if you’ll visit the place again. So, make sure to get something that will remind you of the journey.

7. Learn a few basic words

Depending on where you’re going, you might be forced to learn a few basic phrases. This is especially important when ordering food or looking for a nearby attraction. Don’t miss something really cool just because you were lazy to learn its pronunciation.

8. Get all the promo material

Big cities always have their fair share of events. You can get promotional flyers when visiting tourist offices to learn more about everything that’s going on. Even if you forget about the event, you can always remind yourself with this promotional material. Some of these flyers might even provide a discount.

9. Save a few days 

Having a few extra vacation days can come in handy when visiting a city. If you’re having a blast, you can always stay there for an additional day or two. So, unless you’ve booked a plane or a ride in advance, you should consider this option.

10. Don’t be lazy

While vacations are made for resting, that doesn’t mean you should lose half of your day rolling in bed. If you’re visiting an awesome city, it would be much more productive to wake up early, get your coffee, and hit the road. Even if it feels a bit exhausting at first, you will appreciate it later on. 

11. Check bloggers and influencers

Although many people don’t care about influencers, they can provide a few nice tips. Go on YouTube, Instagram, or whichever platform you’re using, and see what people are doing in the city. You can learn about cool events, concerts, shows, or attractions that are not on the usual tourist maps. 

12. Walking tours and city buses

If you wish to learn more about the city and its history, there is nothing better than city buses and walking tours. These are pretty chill, and you don’t have to force yourself. If at any point, you feel bored, you can simply leave the group and continue solo.

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