While on a vacation, living in a moment is paramount but you also have to think about the future. What do you want to remember about this journey? What about people who have stayed at home? Is there something that you can bring to serve as a constant reminder of the vacation? Simple items, mementos and memorabilia are probably the simplest and safest shortcut for you to go around this. Nonetheless, the choice of the item matters quite a bit so here are the top seven fun things to bring home from a vacation.

Memories and stories

The first thing you need to understand (while still abroad) is the fact that every single thing you go through on this vacation, will become a memory for the rest of your life. It will also become a story that you will tell over and over again for years that follow. So, when making a decision on whether to try something, visit something or inquire about a particular trend, just ask yourself what kind of narrative material you’re acquiring. Sure, trying reckless things or spending vacation (and limited) vacation time to do something just for the sake of the story is never a good idea. Still, if it’s something that you’re really interested in, a chance of becoming a legendary anecdote can make it even more appealing.


Let’s be completely honest and admit that no one has to remind you to take photographs on your journey. Chances are that you’ll have a phone on you the whole time and take photos on every occasion. However, trying to make your vacation look the most glamorous it is might not be the best strategy. Take photos in spontaneous occasions. If you plan to show photos to the people back home (for the sake of enhancing the above-discussed stories) ask yourself about all the things that people are want to see. We’re talking about your lodging, means of travel and your traveling companions. These are as important as things you do on the voyage.

Local alcoholic beverage

How do you help people back at home get a sample of the region that you’ve just visited? Music is fine but it’s not the same when lacking a proper ambiance, while food is most likely perishable. Photographs are fine but if you want to help them use their own senses, you should probably get a hand on a popular local alcoholic beverage. Now, getting a bottle through customs is a difficult thing, especially because you can’t bring it to the plane with you. Still, you can buy it and ship it to your home. If you do so on the last day of your vacation, you should still get home ahead of it. You could also order the local beverage online (once you get home). For instance, when you just get home from a visit to the Balkan region, you can order Slivovitz liquor and wait for the bottle to arrive.

Local art

While photos are an effective way to recollect the journey, there is another, far subtler method of doing so. Buying a local piece of art and displaying it inside of your home is a simple and effective method of planting a constant reminder of a journey at the very heart of your home. The best thing about art is the fact that it represents a unique memento, helps you decorate your home and can be used as a gift for people back home. Speaking of which…

Gifts for people back home

Souvenirs are probably the first thing that came to your mind once you read the headline of this post. In fact, chances are that the majority of you believed that this would merely be a list of top seven souvenirs. This is both true and false. Framed photographs and alcohol can be incredible gifts but you can also go further than that. Hats and t-shirts that are specific to the location are also a great idea. Local jewelry stores, spa products and similar items are also item categories that are definitely worth considering.

Local spices

Previously, we’ve talked about the fact that bringing food home isn’t practical (potentially even possible). The majority of local delicacies are perishable, which means that, by the time you get home, it will already spoil. Also, what good does it do for you to enjoy one or two meals in the first week after you’re back and then lament that you were unable to bring home more? By buying local spices, however, you will be able to recreate these meals at your own behest. Sure, your local convenience store may have a version of this spice in the offer but it’s never really the same thing.

Something priceless

The thing you bring home doesn’t need to have a clear material value in order for you to bring it home. Think about it, what would your friends prefer as a gift, a t-shirt or a stone from Sahara, a seashell from the Caribbean beach or a coin of local currency. The latter item type is completely unique and it’s one of the most thoughtful courses of action when you start thinking about the items to bring back. It will be a physical representation of the place that you’ve just visited. Moreover, because you can’t bring these items in unlimited supply, it will show that you hold the recipient of the gift in particularly high regard.

In conclusion

As you can see, it’s not just about buying an authentic item at the location of your stay. If the item is authentic, it shouldn’t really matter whether you had it in your bag while traveling back home or not. Also, if you’re looking for a memento, all that matters is that the item reminds you of a certain place or event that took place. At this point, it doesn’t even matter whether or not the item is authentic. Nevertheless, just because this authenticity isn’t a deal-breaker, we’re not suggesting that you’re supposed to settle for knock-offs. Fortunately, in the world of e-commerce, placing an order for a real deal is far easier than ever before

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