The mountain bike trails of Phoenix, Arizona, are quite diversified and full of adventure. With cross-country desert pathways, steep test tracks, rocky gardens, and high-speed flow, these trails have something for every level of rider. 

The best thing about Phoenix mountain bike trails is that they have year-round access, so you visit them anytime. They are specifically brilliant for riding in the winter. So when you’re looking for Phoenix’s best things to do in February or December, you don’t want to miss a mountain bike ride. 

In this article, we’ve enlisted the 8 best mountain bike trails to help you get the most out of your biking adventure in Phoenix. 

8 Most Amazing Bike Trails in Phoenix

Diablo North and South

This route incorporates rocky pathways, cool rollers, and a good flow for mountain bike riders. There are points where you have to cross the trail on foot, but the track difficulty is intermediate, so it may not be considered a dangerous or high stake route. This trail extends to about 22.2 miles with an elevation gain of 1371 feet. On the Diablo bike trail, you can ride either way, as the ascending (north to south) or descending (south to north) routes.

The Hawes Network

Hawes network is an amazingly built mountain bike single-track in Phoenix, covering an area of over 8.3 miles. One of the best trails in The Hawes Network is ‘Mine,’ where you hike around a rocky peak to reach its incredible scenic views. Starting with an elevation (1254 feet) at a steep, rugged rock, it opens into the beautiful views ending up in a DH switchback demotion toward the Salt River. Although its route difficulty is intermediate, there are very sharp turns on the way so be very careful with your speed limit.

Hawk Nest Trail

Hawk Nest Trail is an ideal choice for beginners as it has an easy track having an elevation of 1188 feet and a mileage of 12.5 miles. It passes by the stunning terrains of Brown’s Ranch with serene desert landscapes and mountains. Owning some out-and-back rides with endless ways turning to loops, this mountain trail winds beautifully to attract the riders. 

Brown’s Ranch

One of the best-built mountain bike trails in Phoenix, with a smooth and diverse track. Brown’s Ranch homes a range of tracks; even after riding it for a whole week, you wouldn’t repeat your trails. The routes built are semi-technical, quite aesthetic, and not very challenging. Its route difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate. The area under this trail is only 12 miles and has an elevation gain of 719 feet. 

Gold Canyon

This bike track is dominated by Turk’s Head Mountain, which links up to form the technical trails therein. You can go for a double-black or try a go-around in the Lost Goldmine. The best trail here is the K-trail, having some unique features designed for experienced mountain riders. 

The K-Trail contains many u-shaped turns spreading around valleys and is divided into two main parts; the northern Black Trail and the lower Blue Trail. The Northern Trail is suitable for adventurous riders, while lower trails offer relatively easy rides. The K-Trail covers an extensive area with many exciting places to diversify your mountain bike and riding experience. The area under this trail is 12.5 miles, with an elevation gain of 1188 feet. 

Desert Classic Trail

It’s a 14.2 km point-to-point trail that stretches across the South Mountain Preserve in Phoenix. The Classic Trail is considered an easy with a smooth and easy-to-navigate track, wild-flower scattered areas, and mild elevation changes. The track lacks scenery, but you get flowing sections to enjoy a speed bike ride, making it a good trail for beginner to intermediate riders. The trail is open year-round, so you can visit it anytime. 

National Track of Phoenix

This trail is worth riding due to its exotic eastern part that spreads over a three-mile section. Riding over this trail means you are first going for a 1200 feet hefty climb aiming toward the top to enjoy a beautiful and tricky descent later. On this track, you will also visit some rocky gardens. The area extends over 10 miles, and the route difficulty requires you to be an expert, as the elevation gains are as high as 1446 feet.

Black Canyon Trail

If you’re an adventurous and daring mountain biker, then Black Canyon Trail has a lot for you. With rough soils, unstable rocks, and various elevation changes, this 80 miles trail lets you enjoy long-range backcountry trail riding. It’s advised to carry a map or a GPS for smooth navigation of your ride through the narrow tracks of this desert terrain.

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