Are you thinking of visiting Bangkok, the most happening place in South East Asia? Perhaps you will end up visiting one of the most vibrant cities; choose Cathay Pacific for the most comfortable and exciting journeys. Listed below are ten fun things that we recommend you to do once in the city. 

  1. Take a Bangkok tour:  Never leave Bangkok without having a tour of the Bangkok River. The ride costs about 1000THB or maybe $18 approximately. Well, you can invite your friends and buy food, and enjoy live music. You may hop on to any of the boats at Saphan Taksin. You will have a lot of fun while cruising the famous river and a memoir-worthy trip.
  1. Driving a Tuk-tuk until you drop: Tuk-tuk is nothing but a taxi without a door. In fact, it’s a rickshaw that is engine-driven. Once you board a tuk-tuk, make sure that you have to do a lot of negotiation. These engine-driven automobiles are more than fast and furious. Make sure you will smell all the carbon monoxide due to the low height of the Tuk-tuk. Anyways, be prepared to bid your lowest best. 
  1. Visiting the Dusit Zoo:  If you are bored in Thailand and thinking about what to do, you can visit the Zoo where you will see tigers, giraffes and also monkeys. There are many monkeys here and you will be surprised to note that you can touch them. Unlike any other zoo, you will end up touching the wild beauties, especially the monkeys. 
  1. Exercise in Lumpini Park: Lumpini Park situated directly at Silom, also known as the business district of Bangkok. This park has the status like that of Central Park in New York. Well, it’s not that big but you can take a run here. You will see Thai men, women, ex-pats, and businessmen who are trying hard to get in shape and release stress. 
  1. Get a relaxing Thai massage: never leave Thailand without getting a Thai massage. Well, this is one of the most relaxing massage therapies in the world. Well, if you are suffering from chronic back pain and tense shoulders, a Thai massage will be the most instrumental method in getting relief from these. 
  1. Spend a night on Khao Sao Road: Khao Sao Road is a place full of backpackers, street vendors, and food that is a bit overpriced. Well, you can visit pubs and nightclubs where you can meet the locals and some open-minded ex-pats.
  1. Visiting the Asiatique the Riverfront: Visit the Asiatique the Riverfront which is a large open-air mall situated at the Chao Phraya River. You may take a ride at the giant wheel as well as enjoy the sumptuous meals; go shopping and shop until you drop. You will be situated just near to the river; feel the fresh air, open space restaurant, and smell the spices that trigger your hunger. 
  1. Visiting the Wat Arun Temple: Visit the Wat Arun temple, one of the most popular destinations in Thailand known to attract visitors from all over the world. The temple is a prominent landmark in the city and bigger than any high-rise building. Stare at the temple at night while across the river. The sight will be truly unearthly. Some city sights are for a lifelong remembrance.  
  1. Crossing the street across Victory monument:  The victory monument in Bangkok is one of the most confusing streets where there are six lanes followed by two or three that try to cross them. Well, crossing the street is quite an impossible task and nobody actually tries to do that. Luckily, there is a flyover that touches the other side of the street which is full of restaurants. Stand across the crossing and observe the busy city. I am sure you will find some rhythm of life. 

Eating street food for 10 Bahts: There is nothing so attractive as food in Bangkok. Well, spend a significant amount like 10BHT or something which is lesser than 30 cents and you will enjoy the most nutritious, sumptuous meal. This small platter will include everything from noodles, meat, and seafood. Never on earth will you enjoy such a delicious meal and that also at a cheap rate.

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