North Texas is in the middle of the busy summer travel season. DFW International Airport is expecting to see 19 million travelers this summer — up 4-percent from last year.

DFW Airport has 15 TSA checkpoints and has recently had some technology upgrades.

“The great thing about the new TSA checkpoints we have in place is that you aren’t stuck behind someone who has an issue that needs to be further checked,” DFW Airport representative David Magaña said. “If there is an issue that needs to be checked, it moves it on to a sub-belt on the same machine and the line keeps moving.”

Magaña said knowing which terminal to use could also save travelers a great deal of time.

Baggage and Parking Tips for DFW Airport

[DFW] Baggage and Parking Tips for DFW Airport

“Our busiest terminals normally are terminal C and terminal A here at DFW but you can also fly American Airlines out of D and B,” he explained. “So, one of the recommendations that we have is park in D or B because the parking is more available there and the security lines are going to be shorter there on average.”

Magaña suggests parking at the quicker terminal, going through security and then taking the “people mover” to your gate.

If you find yourself returning to a terminal that is not where you parked, Magaña suggests going against the grain and resisting the urge to get your baggage first.

“Go get your car first and then drive back around to the terminal where your bag is coming out. Park in the one hour spot. Go get your bag and you are on your way,” Magaña said. “That way, instead of waiting 20 minutes for the bag without going to get your car, you can take ‘Skylink’ over there. It’s a faster a trip and by on your way faster.”

Summer is also the time when you will see the most first-time and inexperienced travelers. If you are in the security line and notice someone not familiar with protocol you can gently remind them to take off shoes and belts or to take their laptop out of their bag. It could help keep the lines moving. If they are confused, they will likely appreciate the help.

If you are traveling with a child for the first time you can help them by giving them a TSA practice session at home. Show them what they need to do and what they will encounter at the security checkpoint.

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