The Money Saving Expert has told This Morning viewers his top three ways to spend money abroad.

Martin Lewis sat down with ITV presenters Ruth Langsfrd and Eamonn Holmes to talk to them about travel money ahead of the summer holidays.

He warned viewers: “The pound rate still isn’t strong, with the Brexit shenanigans that go on mean that the pound has been in the doldrums for a wihile.

“Before anyone writes in, that isn’t making a judgement over Brexit, it’s not me that makes a judgement over that, it’s the markets that don’t like it, so the pound is weak.

“Uncertainty as well. Let’s be absolutely straight, the markets did not like Brexit, that doesn’t mean the markets are right, that just meant the markets didn’t like it.

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“It is going to be expensive to spend money on holiday. Easy and cheapest is plastic. There are specialist cards that you can use, but you will need to apply now because they can take time to come in the post.”

Martin recommended three cards to use aboard as they do not add a ‘non sterling exchange fee’ of 3%, meaning £100 of euros costs you £103.

The Halifax Clarity card

You need to apply before August 31. But Martin said that the card has good feedback and has been available for a while.

Martin advises that you use it to spend on, not cash withdrawals as they incur interest rates, even if you pay it back. And he reminded viewers that you must pay it back IN FULL by the end of the month to save yourself from a huge bill.

If you use it abroad by the end of September, you will get £20 cashback.

The Starling Bank debit card

This offers no charge for using your card abroad, whether it is cash withdrawals or on card payments. All you need to do is add money in.

The Tandem credit card

It is a new deal and is app-only, but Martin recommends it as it gives near-perfect exchange rates on spending worldwide and a 0.5% cashback on spending.

*This Morning is on ITV 1 weekdays from 10:30am

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