More and more Czech seniors are vacationing abroad the Association of Czech

Illustrative photo: European CommissionIllustrative photo: European Commission Travel Agents has confirmed and the trend appears likely to continue. Not surprisingly, older clients are more demanding when it comes to
vacations and the quality of services. At the same time, many older clients
are willing to pay a little extra for quality.

Eva Kolářová, who retired three years ago, still works part-time as an
accountant to save up for travel, her life’s passion. For the last three
years she has vacationed with a company specializing in package tours for
seniors and from the sound of it, she couldn’t be happier. She told Czech
Radio about her experience:

“We vacationed at Mar Menor, Spain, and we loved it because the whole
thing was perfectly organized, not least optional day trips which took into
account age so they weren’t too taxing. We had a great time, which is why
we keep coming back to this particular agency.”

This year, she and her husband will travel to Menorca.

Jan Papež of the Association of Czech Travel Agents confirms that the
interest in travelling abroad among seniors is going up and there is no
that the trend will continue. Seniors today were economically active
throughout their professional lives and now have enough saved up to spend
on travel.

“I think that this is going to be a trend that will continue and will
continue to grow. We see that people older than 50, 55, 60 are active and
even more active than the young generation.”

According to tour agents, older clients are more interested in guided
tours, quality guides, or tour delegates and are willing to pay more for
better hotels and services. It is not surprising that travel agents have
taken note and responded to meet demand.

Fischer Travel, says spokesman Jan Bezděk, saw a 15 percent increase in
sales to seniors last year and he adds the agency went to some length to
offer some packages tailored to their needs.

“There are destinations which are favoured because they, for example,
offer easy access to the sea, the hotels they choose are quieter –
without discos on the ground floor – and have other services which are
suitable. Many ask about day trips at the time of booking because they
don’t want to spend the whole time laying on a beach.”

According to Invia, more than two-thirds of seniors travel off-season, in
other words, not during the hottest days of summer.

Czech seniors with more to spend also don’t just travel to the
Mediterranean but further abroad as well: destinations such as Zanzibar,
Kenya, or Thailand.

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