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Vacations are freaking fantastic. Whether it’s a trek to a hidden beach covered in pristine white sands or a few days in your apartment recharging your batteries (no, we will not call it a “staycation”), time spent away from the daily grind is priceless.
Cannabis can also be freaking fantastic, when used wisely. Combining the two is a no-brainer.

The legalization of recreational cannabis is still relatively new, so the weed-travel industry is baby fresh. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t hotels begging for your patronage with vaporizer gift bags and ultra-modern decor or well-organized tours that will ferry you between notable cannabis locales and dispensaries. There are, in certain states. In others, a weed vacay still means finding accommodations and exploring the area’s cannabis culture on your own. Both can be tons of fun.

The list below is a sampling of cities in that make for a stoney holiday. They each offer something that the others don’t, so you can make them fit your needs. Wanna get back to nature? Done. Wanna spend all night in a club? Done. Consider our food and lodging recommendations a starting point and hit up Google to plan a full itinerary. Or hop in the car and wing it. Either way, a few days spent getting high in a rad city that won’t haul you downtown or ticket you for your vice of choice is a luxury that a lot of people don’t have.

Los Angeles, California

California came out swinging as the first to legalize cannabis for medical use in 1996 and then stalled for some time on the recreational front. Everyone seemed to have a medical card for a hot minute in the late 90s and 2000s. Now, the huge state functions as one of the top destinations for weed enthusiasts and general travelers alike.

We’ve mentioned The Standard, Hollywood as the first hotel with a dispensary in the past, and it’s a genuinely wonderful option for a 420-friendly vacay. But we also think Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast is awesome. It’s the first of its kind in the state, and cannabis is cool in all public areas, community vaporizers are provided (so no need to pack paraphernalia), and you can even smoke in room 420. Plus, the décor is wild.

If you want to keep your high going all day long, consider Alchemy Lounge and/or Hitman Coffee Shop, which both require membership (but you can get a day pass). They are amazing creative centers that encourage guests to use cannabis while hanging out and enjoying an espresso and some cool company. These places don’t sell herb (though they do rent rigs), so stop by one of the many local dispensaries before heading out.

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