With the continuation of the pandemic, it’s difficult to make plans in advance for anything. Countries, states, and regions keep getting shut down or banned according to new outbreaks and epicenters as the months since the initial outbreak tick by. Making plans for the future is important for morale and mental health.

After being cooped up in your home for so long, you’ll certainly want to make plans to travel in 2021. All plans are touch and go until the end of the pandemic. That being said, you can’t put your life on pause forever, so here’s how you can safely plan for a trip in 2021.

Have an out.

It’s always nice to plan for the best, but having a backup plan right now is a really smart way to go. The week you’re supposed to travel, you may find out that there’s been an outbreak of COVID-19, and you’re unable or ill-advised to travel anymore. As disappointing as that can be, with a little pre-planning, you can prevent this situation from being financially devastating.

Even if you’re only flying in-country, you still drop a lot of money on plane tickets and hotels. Having travel insurance will ensure that you recoup some of your money in case of a COVID related emergency. In this current climate, purchasing cancellation coverage is critical. That way you won’t be out thousands of dollars and can put what money you get back towards a vacation in the future.

Before deciding on a trip in 2021, call your insurance provider to make sure you’ll even be able to have your trip covered. In Australia, the government has issued the highest level of warning against travel, meaning that you may not be able to be covered, depending on how early in 2021 your trip will be. Plan ahead with as much time in advanced as possible.

Get your pet squared away.

Traveling is already going to be stressful due to added safety precautions. Traveling with your pet adds an extra layer of prep. It’s best if you’re able to drive to your destination because it will ensure that you have as little contact with others as possible, as compared to a crowded airport. However, if you’re traveling with your pet, this means added time on the road. For pets that are already anxious, this can be particularly difficult. Thankfully, there’s a natural and holistic way to keep your pet calmer, making your travel considerably easier.

CBD oil has been sweeping the human holistic health market for a year or two now, but did you know that CBD could actually be great for your pets as well? Shop around to find the best organic CBD oil for dogs. This should help your pup’s stress level while in the car for extended amounts of time. Make sure you call the vet before introducing your pet to CBD oil, especially if your dog or cat is already taking medication. It never hurts to do that extra level of research.

Follow all safety advice at your time of travel.

As new research is done on COVID-19, safety protocol and regulations are changing. Keep up to date on what the CDC or other trustworthy sources are saying. As of now, wear a protective mask, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and have ten feet of distance away from others. Some doctors are recommending that you change your clothes and shower if you’ve been in close contact with anyone. It also can’t hurt to wear a face shield. Ultimately, in order to travel as safely as possible during the pandemic, it’s important to take extra precautions, even if that means you have to ultimately cancel your plans.

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