The best romantic destinations are those not so well-known. After all, the key to romance is a comfortable, private, and safe environment. If you want to take your loved one a trip of a lifetime, you should definitely check out some of these destinations in Asia. This wonderful continent is often overlooked, but is, in fact, home to the most beautiful nature sights you’ll see, as well as the most romantic destinations you’ll be lucky enough to visit. Take your loved one to one of these secluded spots, and have them all to yourself, away from the stresses and troubles of the concrete jungle.

1. Tea Country, Sri Lanka

Tea Country, Sri Lanka

Tea Country may as well be an homage to old English culture, complete with the authentic gardens and roaring fires. The pang of nostalgia will hit you right away, even if you’ve never been close to the ancient English times. The country consists of endless green hills which positively feed your eyes. All the greenery also means you’ll be breathing the freshest air you have been for a while.

The stay in the ancient and romantic times is completed with authentic bungalows. Not only does this type of accommodation allow you to get closer to the history and to life as it used to be, but also to nature. You’ll step out of the ordinary into a world you’ve only seen in the most romantic Victorian novels.

2. Koh Rhong Island

If you’re a fan of white beaches and crystal blue waters, the Koh Rhong Island in Cambodia is your perfect destination. There’s nothing but the fun in the sun here, waiting for every couple who wishes to leave the ordinary and stressful life behind, at least for a little while. This is the perfect secluded place to strengthen your relationship.

Couples who feel like they’ve been drifting apart lately will benefit from the calm water and warm sand of the Island the most. There will be no excuses to avoid each other and no distractions to keep you out of each other’s arms. Let the magical waters of Cambodia heal everything broken and return home stronger than ever.

3. El Nido, The Philippines

El Nido is one island in the Philippines that remains popular among couples to this day. It seems the rest of the public hasn’t discovered it yet or that they choose to ignore it to give the couples some privacy. If you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll enjoy El Nido quite a lot due to the good value for money. Those who don’t like to stay in one place can go island hopping, from El Nido all the way toward the northern end of Palawan Island.

The Island offers varied scenery, so you’ll get to enjoy everything from mountain tops to the coastline. This is grounds for numerous romantic opportunities, whether you just want to sit on the beach and marvel at the sky or work your way up a mountain just to enjoy the view from the top.

4. Hsipaw, Myanmar

Hsipaw, Myanmar

Myanmar used to be enough for couples who wanted to explore a destination void of other tourists, but today, they have to search a little deeper to encounter authentic Shan culture. The road to the village of Hsipaw may not be paved with yellow bricks, but it’s easy to find and offers a great reward at the end of the journey.

There might be some tours available in this village, but they don’t do Hsipaw justice. If you want a real adventure, discover everything it and the surrounding villages have to offer by foot, hand in hand with your loved one. You’ll surely come across the farmland, natural springs, and even some waterfalls. If you’re kind enough to the people you mean along the way, who knows, they might even invite you over for a Hsipaw styled lunch.

5. Nusa Dua

Bali has a lot to offer to a couple. From adventures in the sacred Bali jungles to exploring the cultural and spiritual life of the island in its ancient temples, you’ll get to see everything. Of course, this can all feel too crowded and touristy for most couples. This is why the smart and informed ones head straight to the Nusa Dua beach.

This is one of the most secluded and romantic beaches you’ll ever witness. Your privacy will be ensured if you decide to rent the villa Nusa Dusa, otherwise known as the romance-inspiring villa of the area. After all, you’ll get to see the sunset and sunrise from the big comfortable bed, while the crashing waves and the salty fresh air wake up your senses and put them back to sleep again. With such scenery, snuggled up in the arms of the one you love, you won’t have a care in the world.

6. Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley

Located in Pakistan, the Hunza Valley offers sights you haven’t seen before. This part of the world is famous for all the wrong reasons, and the Hunza Valley is here to disprove those claims. The Valley resembles something straight out of a fairytale. Asia truly is a whole different world, and Pakistan just proves that with its beautiful yet unconventional nature.

This is also an ideal place to travel if you’re travelling on a budget. You don’t have to miss out on love and adventure just because you’re a little short of cash. Pakistan is considered to be one of the cheapest places in Asia, allowing you and your SO to fully enjoy your trip, without worrying about your finances.


As you can see, Asia doesn’t disappoint. Still, it’s one thing to read about these destinations and a whole other to experience them for yourself. You’ll get to rediscover your flame and remind yourselves that you’re still the couple who fell in love so hard in the first place. In a completely new world and environment, you’re free to be yourselves without society placing any expectations or pressure on you or your relationship.

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