Why Should You Still Be Wearing a Nice Wristwatch

Wearing a wristwatch in this day and age of smartphones and digital clocks might sound redundant and a waste of money. But that’s far from the truth. There is a reason why so many people still wear traditional wristwatches. In fact, when smartphone manufacturers couldn’t make people take their wristwatches off, they embedded a minicomputer into a watch-like design and called it a ‘smartwatch.’ This makes it pretty clear that a watch is more than just a tool to track time. Keep reading to learn why a traditional wristwatch is not going obsolete anytime soon. 

Enhances Your Style Quotient

The significance of and the power that comes along with dressing well have been scientifically proven. According to studies, men with a solid dressing sense look more appealing to the opposite gender, appear more competent, and are likely to get promoted at work or hired for a job. And there is no easy and quick way to add a sense of style to your appearance than adding a wristwatch to the ensemble. A watch doesn’t just instantly upgrade your style; it also adds to making you look more put-together. 

Is the Best Accessory for Men

Generally, men don’t have too many accessories that they can sport without looking gaudy. Outside of a pocket square or a tie, there is pretty much no accessory other than a watch that men can wear that makes them feel comfortable and natural. Watches are not just a trend; they will forever be in fashion. Men have worn the same watches throughout their lives and even passed them down to the next generations. And when talking eternal timepieces, you just cannot not talk about Rolex. Discover Rolex at CHRONEXT if you want a watch that you could use and pass down to your son or grandson. 

A Versatile Accessory

Glancing at watch
Image by Millenary Watches from Pixabay

If you buy it right, a watch will go with pretty much any outfit. For instance, a watch with a clean dial, leather strap, and understated profile can be worn with a suit, tee, and jeans, sport coat, etc. If you need to throw in some versatility or change the look, you can always switch watch bands. Just changing the band would bring about a dramatic change in the watch’s look. Long story short, a watch would not just look great, but it can also adapt to your style as needed. 

Saves Time

To check the time on your phone, you need to pull it out and turn the screen on. This process is not just time-consuming and cumbersome, but you may also end up checking notifications on your phone or stare at the screen longer than it takes to check the time. With a traditional watch, you just need to slightly raise and twist your arm and glance at the watch. Your smartphone inculcates a bad habit that the traditional watch effectively negates. 

Better Than Smartwatches

It doesn’t matter how popular smartwatches become; they are not replacing traditional wristwatches. Smartwatches are great technological advancements. But they are anything but a real watch. A $500 automatic timepiece could go up in value with time. But even a $1,000 smartwatch would fall in value in the used market once its retail box has been opened. That’s because there is technology at the core of these watches. Technology evolves and gets outdated and there is nothing like wearing a nice wristwatch. Your Rolex watch, on the other hand, encompasses skill, craftsmanship, and high-end materials. You always place a higher price tag on skills, expertise, and premium materials than you do on technology.  

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