Travel media Instagram account, @earth.  have revealed their top ten trending travel destinations The millennial-focused account has over a million followers and it developed the list using an algorithm based on two variables. The first was through answers submitted by over 100,000 of its followers to the question: “if you could go anywhere on earth, where would it be?” The second was through Instagram geotags of the 100 most highly-followed travel influencers.

The top ten trending destinations for millennials have been revealed. Image: Hinterhaus Productions

“We’re always curating the most intriguing international destinations on Earth to encourage social media scrollers to explore the world they live in whether they want to take a spontaneous weekend trip or plan a winter getaway,” says @earth founder Andy McCune (@andy). Andy splits his time between New York and Tulum, and runs the Instagram account @tulum, a spot that also happens to top the list.

@earth’s Top 10 Trending Travel Destinations

1. Tulum, Mexico

Credit: @alexstrohl via @earth

Tulum is one of those tropical places where you feel like magic exists. The vivid blue water in the Cenotes, the ancient ruins in jungle, and the white sand beaches make it feel like a dream. The people are humble and the infrastructure is limited, which brings you back to the basics of good food and great conversation with the locals and people you came with. Oh and let’s not forget, they love their tequila.” – Charly Jordan

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Credit: @framboisejam via @earth

Amsterdam is our very favourite city in the world. There’s something very special about the collision of design, arts and so many different cuisines. It’s a historical look back at the past, and a wonderful peek into the future.” – Jessica and Garrett Gee of @thebucketlistfamily

3. The islands of Greece

Credit: doyoutravel via @earth

“The islands of Greece, made up by destinations like Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and Zakynthos, are a must-visit. The crystal blue waters, world-class beaches, stunning architecture and amazing food make the islands a perfect destination for any traveller. Head to Santorini to see the iconic white and blue painted buildings on the cliffside, to Zakynthos to see the famous shipwreck beach, or to Milos to dive from the white cliffs that juxtapose the turquoise water.” Andy McCune

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Credit: @samlandreth via @earth

Mexico City is a bright, colourful city centred around culture and food. Condesa is my favourite neighbourhood — full of amazing coffee, historical buildings, fresh smoothies and locals running errands around town with their pets. The city feels natural and like you’re falling into a routine right off the bat. Perfect for a casual weekend trip or a longer stint as there’s so much to take in — certainly no shortage of museums, landmarks and dining experiences. I recommend the city to anyone looking for a low-key trip to an exciting city that’s not overrun by tourist traps and crowds.” Sam Landreth

5. The Maldives

Credit: missangievilla via @earth

“It‘s not very hard to fall in love with the Maldives – the most amazing blue waters I have ever seen and sandbanks for days. Maldives is the kind of destination where you want to constantly pinch yourself just to be completely sure that a place like this really exists.” Alexander Williamson of @alexpreview

6. Algarve, Portugal

Credit: @mvandersluis via @earth

“While many travellers will be drawn to the vibrant colours of the capital, Lisbon – make way for the southern coast of Portugal. Red sandstone cliffs and turquoise ocean clash in a battle of beautiful colours. The whitewashed villages that dot the coastline are full of wonderful food and people. Craggy sea-caves dot seemingly endless golden beaches, offering something for every type of intrepid traveller.” Sam McAllister of

7. Marrakech, Morocco

Credit: @leoniehanne via @earth

Morocco is so magical. The colours, patterns, smells – everything is just so overwhelming to your senses. The market, or the medina, winds through the centre of the city and you can wander aimlessly for hours. There are also so many day trips you can experience right outside of Marrakech. You can drive up through the Atlas mountains, enjoy an overnight glamping experience in the desert, or take a camel ride through the grove.” Andy McCune

8. Positano, Italy

Credit: @federicola via @earth

Positano has been a classic destination since the ’50s, but it’s now the summer hot spot. It’s a cliffside village located in Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and the views are just so breathtaking. There are so many towns nearby, which make for great day trips.” Andy McCune

9. Cappadocia, Turkey

Credit: @alliemtaylor via @earth

Cappadocia looks like it’s straight from a fairytale. It has these crazy rock formations that were sculpted by erosion. It’s actually a Unesco World Heritage Site. Over half of the world’s hot air balloons take off from this region, so the sky is always filled with hundreds of balloons floating over the landscape, which makes for incredible photos.” Andy McCune

10. Bali, Indonesia

Credit: @gypsea_lust via @earth

Bali is like no place I have ever been. It has the perfect concoction of world-class natural beauty, a ridiculous food scene, rich culture, amazing locals and great climate. On top of that, there is a scene to appeal to every level of traveller from backpacker to high-roller. When you come to Bali, it becomes quite obvious quite quickly why so many people get ‘stuck’ here.” Sasha Juliard of @sashajuliard

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