Bali is a fascinating island, full of contrasts and your chosen destination within Bali will very much depend on your own preferences and the type of holiday that you are after. It is by no means a big island, approximately 150 km from East to West and approximately 110 km from North to South. There are beaches, temples, paddy fields and even volcanic mountains and a monkey forest. Visitors to Bali often have a multi center holiday so that they can experience the different experiences that Bali has to offer. Wondering Where to Stay in Bali?

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Central Bali

The central area of Bali is home to many of the mountains of Bali and if you are looking to experience the traditional Balinese ways, then this region would be for you. Villages such as

Ubud, Bedugul, Candi Kuning are located here and in Ubud you will find many of the galleries, it is popular for its art work. You will be introduced to some of the paddy fields and you will be able to watch the locals at work. You can climb and walk and experience many scenic views. You will notice here that many of the Balinese people live very simple lives and still have to make daily collections for services such as water.

Eastern Bali

Mount Agung is an imposing active volcano which can be found to the east of Bali. As a result, the mountains here are volcanic in their nature and it is here that you will find ‘white sandy beach’. There are temples and water gardens for you to explore. As with central Bali, you can become involved in traditional Balinese ways.

Western Bali

To the west you will find unexplored territory, forrests, mangroves and plenty of wildlife.The district of Jembrana has interesting beaches and parks.

Southern Bali

The southern resorts tend to be busy and certainly have plenty to offer the tourist. Denpasar, the island’s capital is located here. You could decide to surf in Kuta beach or take in many of the lively resort activities. Kuta and Seminyak offer many of the Balinese nightclubs. If nightclubs are not your thing however there are plenty of other offerings, good cuisine, shopping and plenty of it, cultural performances and shows.

Northern Bali

Places such as Singaraja, Lovina, Banjar Gitgit should be on the visitor’s list. Northern Bali is often overlooked and as a result is much less crowded. Rice fields, waterfalls and plenty of scenic visits are to be had here.

Whatever your preference, Bali has something to offer, it can be a lively experience or it can be a quiet reflective experience or it can be both.   Bali is worth touring to find many of the unique and lesser explored parts. Visitors to Bali often leave with many lasting memories as you can find a very different holiday experience here. There is accommodation to suit all manner of budgets and styles. Before you book, think of the experience that you would like and consider a multicenter experience.

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