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Renting a Car in Australia

Car Hire Hidden Fees; What to Look Out For When Renting a Car in...

Australia is a holiday hotspot, every year over seven million people troupe into the beautiful continent, its weather is perfect and it beaches are...

Can A Book Make You Smile? Food And Travel Tips To Increase Happiness

Can A Book Make You Smile? Food And Travel Tips To Increase Happiness  ForbesFull coverage...
Portugal this Spring

10 Most Fun Things to do in Portugal this Spring

Visit Portugal this Spring Spring is here, and I know you are planning on the places you will visit. Portugal this spring is the first...

The Best Reykjavík and Iceland Travel Tips From Our Readers

The Best Reykjavík and Iceland Travel Tips From Our Readers  LifehackerFull coverage...
Mission Trips

Helpful Tips for Taking Mission Trips

When it comes to charitable giving, mission trips are an effective means to contribute to the greater good. Dedicating your time and energy to...
Service your car

Service your car with Kwik Fit Before Touring

So you’ve decided that the time has come to go on the ultimate road trip around Europe. You know that there will be nothing...

Tell Us Your Pittsburgh Travel Tips

Tell Us Your Pittsburgh Travel Tips  LifehackerFull coverage...

Tips for finding the best hotel in Florence

When you’re on holiday, the place you stay in can make or break your trip. After a long day of exploring a new city,...
Best Time to Visit Mexico

What Is the Best Time to Visit Mexico?

Of course, Mexico is always a good idea and there’s no bad time for visiting it. Yet, some parts of the year are more convenient...
Traveling to China

5 Things To Know Before Traveling to China

China is a country that immediately conjures up vivid images in a traveler’s imagination. This vast, ancient, and mysterious land has been fascinating the...
Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

How To Prepare For Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

A once-in-a-lifetime trip is an exciting experience. Treating yourself to a vacation of a lifetime is something everyone needs to do at least once...

Exploring Ireland: Your Ultimate Travel Itinerary

It may be a cold, rainy and windswept island in the North Atlantic, but the Republic of Ireland is also one of the richest...